Kitchen Incubator

The El Calvario Commercial kitchen incubator is the only 24/7, accessible, non-profit Commercial Kitchen in Southwestern New Mexico. We welcome entrepreneurs in the beginning stages of their food business or who are looking to expand their small scale business.  It allows clients use of space and equipment at a free/low cost or affordable price and in a healthy, positive environment. Potential or food production needs can be met while we will assist with product marketing and distribution and business and food consultation. Our freeze dry program also provides a “value-added“ market for farmer produce which cannot be sold otherwise.

The El Calvario Advocacy Center takes pride in our strong incubation programs for entrepreneurs who are in the food industry.  The Program allows clients use of commercial kitchen equipment at an affordable price and in a healthy and positive environment. All your food production needs can be met in our commercial kitchen. We can also help you distribute your food product(s) to the appropriate sales channels and help you expand your product outreach.

In addition to the kitchen, a food consultant will be available full-time to help clients with their regulation, operations and strategy needs. We are developing sales channels so that your product can find a self space in the local market.

Food trucks can use the commercial kitchen as commissary space. Overnight parking, cooking, and limited general commissary requirements are being developed to satisfied here at the South Valley Economic Development Center.


Clients can participate in the Food Industry Incubation Program for up to five years, though most businesses are launching within the first two to three years.

The Food Industry Incubation Program fee is $635 for a month plus hourly or monthly use of commercial kitchen areas, equipment and storage. The $635 monthly fee cost is subsidized by the support of several individuals, organizations, foundations and institutions. El Calvario will incrementally decrease the subsidized cost of the program to ensure that the entrepreneur can continue their business once they graduate from the Incubation Program.

Program Year1st Year2nd Year3rd Year4th Year5th Year
No subsidy$535$535$535$535$535
With subsidy*$150$250$350$450$540


Additional fees:

  1. Monthly membership fee: $25
  2. Dried Shelf Storage: $10 a month
  3. Cold Storage: $15 a month
  4. Kitchen fees:
    • $5 per hour (non-electricity equipment; e.g. prep table)
    • $7 per hour (electricity/gas utilizing equipment; e.g. oven)
    • $0 per hour; 3-compartment sink & defrost sink

*An additional subsidy could be applied (depending on availability) to those earning a household income at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. (The Federal Poverty Guidelines are used as a guideline only. The El Calvario programs are not a federal or state program.)

Currently, we can support up to 15 businesses with staggered time of day availability (as a business completes the program, we can take in a new one). We are fundraising to increase our capacity.

Please contact Client Services at (575)524-1230 to inquire about program availability.

In addition to the guidance, equipment & facility spaces listed in the Resources section above, you have access to the commercial kitchen equipment, which include

  • Access to commercial kitchen
  • Limited dry and cold storage
  • Distribution services
  • Business incubation training sessions
  • One-on-one business & food industry consultants
  • Community events
  • Fiscal address at the center
  • Receptionist service
  • Co-working area
  • Copy center
  • Lunch room
  • Shared spaces (Main Conference Room, Multipurpose Room, Private Office)
  • Use of resources (high-speed internet, coffee maker and pot, chairs, table, projector, screen, tables, white board, etc.)
  • Compartment Sink
  • Conventional Oven
  • Freeze Dryer
  • Dishwasher
  • Flat Top Grill
  • Food Prep Areas
  • Regular Grill
  • Stove Top