Located in the Mesquite Historic District,

the old Hispanic neighborhoods of Las Cruces, many of the families are historically underserved.  One area of focus relates to providing a model environment which can also provide quality food access and nutrition.  Living in our food “desert” with limited access to market and education, there are acute problems with quality nutrition which can negatively affect general health and well-being symptoms.

Our plans convert a sizable portion of our “desert” parking lot into a community park /garden that would invite our urban neighborhood into a place of respite and peace.  the Jardin de Paz provides plots for harvest, education and sample garden techniques for the Southwest that can be transferred into individual homes and yards.  There will be space for community gathering and education.  Garden and cooking classes lead by trained personal are regularly offered. We plan to involve this program into our Refugee Mission with supplemental food but also for education, community engagement and building.

As part of a Native Seeds grant program, the Jardin de Paz has been designated as a site to work toward food security, education and preservation of local adapted seeds. We practice seed saving in our efforts in order to establish a seed bank and to continues to grow and share with our community. 


La Semilla Cooking and Backyard Gardening Platicas


Pláticas de cocina y huerto domestico